Wines from the Imperial Court of the Habsburgs

We prepared an opportunity to get to know one of the most notable vineyard regions in Slovakia. In three days, you will taste fine wines, gastronomic specialities and get to know new historical places of the region. 


The residence package offers accommodation in the Hotel Rozálka*** in Pezinok, situated in a splendid environment amidst vineyards. To learn more about the finest regional wines, you can taste them in the Malokarpatské múzeum v Pezinku and in the vineyard cabin of wine growing Pavelka a syn. The legacy of grandfathers will be presented by Slovenská ľudová majolika R v Pezinku – Grinava, where you will see the majolica production and decoration. You will taste the gastronomic specialities in Slovenský Grob and in a beautiful area, full of nature, of the Hotel Zochova chata****. The stay includes a visit of the Imperial residence of the Habsburgs - a castle complex in Austria.

De Luxe

 Experience the luxury taste of the nature in the Hotel chata**** which will not only accommodate you but also provide you with a top gastronomy. Tasting of high quality wines and Slovak natural cheeses, to be filled with extraordinary experiences, is provided to you by the Malokarpatské múzeum v Pezinku, the vineyard Pavelka a syn will present their finest wines right amidst vineyards. You will experience relaxation among vineyards in the Hotel Rozálka***, which is equipped with a riding facility, a minizoo and a number of other attractions. The goose fair in the restaurant Zelený dvor in Slovenský Grob tops the best regional gastronomy. Paying a visit to the Imperial residence of the Habsburgs in Austrian Schloss Hofe may become a final touch upon visiting the region of the wine.