We carry out archaeological research on the construction at the archaeological sites under the Decision of the Monuments Board. It aspires to conserve the finds and the excavation situations at the sites with planned construction, line buildings. If the Monuments Board obliged you to carry out the research in the territory of the Bratislava Region, we will appreciate if you apply for its implementation directly to us. 

Malokarpatské múzeum v Pezinku performed rescue research of the town fortification in Pezinok, research in Pezinok Na bielenisku, exterior research of St Catherine Church in Dechtice and many others.

Research for scientific and documentation purposes

Malokarpatské múzeum performs researches for scientific and documentation purposes. Our long-term interest is research of one of the most notable early medieval fortifications on the territory of Slovakia, situated in Svätý Jur at the location of Neštich. We carry out research of a Slavic fortified settlement here since 2006. We have found, apart from pieces from Late 8th to Mid 10th century (jewellery, military items, parts of gear, tools, etc.) also items of the Hallstat and Roman culture, and from 13th-14th centuries.

We performed another research in Pezinok at the location of Mahulanka where we found the remnants of a Slavic village from the mid 7th-8th century and which we plan to explore again in the near future.

In addition to the mentioned researches, we also perform non-destructive surveys - collections; in cooperation with the Archeologický
ústav SAV (Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Nitra we carried out a geophysical survey of a fortified village from the Bronze Age in Budmerice where we plan further systematic research.