About us

We are a regional museum specializing in wine growing, viniculture and culture of wine drinking in the area below the Small Carpathians, Mts. We boast a tradition of more than fifty years in collecting and exhibiting items tracing back the history of the region not least through the wine-growing theme. Since the establishment of the museum in the 1960s we have resided in the period 17th century Renaissance house. The former residential building has undergone several reconstructions so that we can offer you the look and feel of both the history and the present.
Malokarpatské múzeum v Pezinku has been an establishment run by the Bratislava Self-Governing Region since 2002. From 2006 to 2008, the museum underwent a massive reconstruction within which the professional staff formed a new interactive exhibition was formed in cellar rooms. Another exhibition section in the residential part of the house was opened in 2013.

It is our pleasure to guide you through expositions and exhibitions in our interior and exterior premises, and within the individual approach toward each visitor, we will unveil the past and the present period of viticulture in the Small Carpathian wine-growing region. Besides, we run several events during the year, such as Pezinské vínne pivnice (Wine Cellars of Pezinok), Deň sv. Urbana (St Urban Day), Keramické trhy (Ceramics Fair), Pálenie jánskych ohňov (St John's Bonfire), and other.   

We aspire to be a dynamic museum which, apart from collecting, conserving and accessing collection items to the public, is creating an alternative use of leisure time.o of the Malokarpatské múzeum in Pezinok reflects our values and priorities which we shall follow in professional and public activities.


Fine wine cannot be produced without the hard and fair work in the vineyard or the cellar. We would like to present the fruits of the fair work through exhibitions, research and publishing activities, events for the public.


One of the key aspects, upon which our relations are built, is trust. We, in the museum, are seeking to build the trust not only within the staff but also against the public, visitors and the founder. This is one of the reasons why we prefer the individual approach to each visitor.


Seeking the truth is among the key priorities which is why we try to reveal the historical context against the present. We aspire to be transparent, and that is why we will provide you with information on our work, plans and activities on collection items.